Friday, May 21, 2010

.photoshop tutorial #1. (Simple 3D Text)

1. Create a new project in your Photoshop in whatever size that u want. Im using A6 size for this tutorial.Added the color to the background.

2. Now add your text. And then 'rightclick on the text layer -> rasterize type'.

3. After that, choose 'edit -> transform -> perspective' but i prefer shortkey 'ctrl + T -> perspective'.

4. Create a new group and drag your textlayer inside. Select your text layer and hold 'CTRL + ALT', then press 'up button' until it looks like 3D.

5.I simply added the reflection by copying the folder, and then 'ctrl + T -> flip vertical'. Move the transform text below the original text and reduced the opacity to 15%.

6. And finally, add some brush to your artwork!

There you go!

Created By : Shariff.Jafri

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